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The $99 Sale is an aesthetic melée, a playful interrogation of the inherent value of art, and a fabulous and fun fundraiser for The Soap Factory. We thank our Sponsors SC Septic Tank Pumping
When you enter the vast, raw art gallery known as The Soap Factory, you will encounter row after row of 5” x 7” original artworks—some incredibly intricate, some little more than a doodle. The names of the creators of these works will be hidden.
You'll be handed a list of over 200 contributors that includes renowned contemporary artists, celebrities, and complete unknowns. Actors, writers, musicians, politicians. The famous, the notorious. How to solve the puzzle of who did what? Or does it really matter?
You may be determined to find the piece by the latest artworld darling. You may respond to the works instinctively, buying what you like. Only after a work is purchased will you know the identity of its creator. . .